Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get photos taken on the bridge?

Yes. There is a a $35 permit fee that needs to be paid to the City. The reason for the fee is so we can block the courtyard from the public for 1 hour use.


If I don't have a venue can one of your coordinators give me a tour at some of the popular venue sites down town?

We will go over your budget and determine which venues would be best for you to view.


Can any photographer take pictures in the courtyard?

Yes. But the photographer needs to have insurance. The city of St. Augustine needs to be first or second on the insured list. 


What happens if it rains and I'm getting married in the Courtyard?

If it rains and your guest size is smaller then 50, we would move your wedding into the Chapel. If it is bigger then 50 we would move you and your guests under the loggia with the bridge in the background.




Where are the ceremonies held?

Wedding ceremonies are typically held outside on our Courtyard of the Lightner Museum or in our Amore Chapel. 

How many ceremony chairs do you include?

In our Courtyard package all chairs are included depending on your guest size. 


How many chairs can the ceremony space accommodate?

We can fit 125 chairs comfortably. In our Chapel we have 10 rows of pews for up to 50 people.


What are the options if the weather is bad? 

If your guest list is more then 50 we move you under the walk way with the bridge in the background. Less then 50 will be held in the Chapel.


Are there any lights outside in the Courtyard?

No. Unless you are getting married after the 21st of November thru January. 


Are there any restrictions regarding ceremony music?

There are no music restrictions. DJ's can bring a separate smaller sound system to use outdoors. There are plenty of outlets available to accommodate any electrical equipment. Or you have the option of using our system for no extra charge. The Chapel has its own system or you may have a violinist or guitarist.


Will the officiant need a microphone?

That is your choice. Depending on the breeze on your wedding day, it may be more of a hindrance than a help. Most opt to not use a microphone.


May I have a rehearsal the day prior?

Yes you can. There is a $35 city permit fee for an hour use.


Is a coordinating director included in the package?

Yes. We will set up, music,decor,and chairs. We will get you down the aisle and then over to our sweet little Chapel bell to ring. 


How many people can fit in the Chapel?

We can fit 50 to 55 people in the Chapel.


Is music provided in the Chapel?

Yes music is included. You can bring in your own CD or use our CD.


How long is the rental time for the Chapel and Courtyard?

The rental time is an hour. That way you have time for your ceremony and pictures afterwards.


How do I reserve a date?

 We will have you fill out an information sheet, that way we can type up a contract for you to sign. There is a 50% retainer fee after signing your contract.


  Are there any city fees I have to pay?

Yes. There is a $175 city permit fee included in each courtyard package. An extra $15 is added on to this price after 5:30 when the gates are closed to the public.




 Is there a fee I have to pay to meet with one of the planers for the first time?

The first meeting is complementary. We will meet and get to know you and your vision and choose which package would best fit your need.


 What packages do you offer?

We offer several different packages. We offer Full planning, Day of,Ceremony director, and Reception coordinator.