Answering your FAQs and Misconceptions- The Truth about Wedding Professionals
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
By The Wedding Authority
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Why hire a Professional Wedding Consultant, Wedding Ceremony Director, Wedding Coordinator, or Full-Service Wedding Designer and Planner?

In the midst of the excitement of “We’re Engaged” comes reality. You want the most perfect day possible but are confused about how much to spend, where to obtain the services of the best vendors possible, or even how to choose them. Most people are shocked to learn how much preparation is involved in planning even a simple wedding. 

The average wedding can take more than two-hundred and fifty hours just to plan. Remember, too, that the same components are necessary for a large or small affair. With today’s hectic lifestyle you may find this is more than your schedule will allow. Wedding Coordinators are no longer a luxury, but are essential for a well planned affair. Wedding Coordinators not only save you time, but can help you get more value for the money you are spending. Let’s answer some of the common questions asked about how you get through this adventure.

How can one of these professionals help me?

It is all about time and money! These people can match you with the most qualified vendors that meet your personality and budget. A Consultant can help with the contract negotiations, saving time and money, and most headaches on your special day. I don’t want someone to take over my day.

A Professional Wedding Planner is there to take your vision and bring it to reality. They have the ability to orchestrate all of the many components into a cohesive whole for the entire event. Make an appointment at their office and see how they surround themselves with ideas and information. Talk to them to see how receptive they are to your ideas.

Every Wedding Coordinator I have met, that is experienced, is really old and isn’t open to new ideas.

This may be true with some Coordinators, but it should not be. Flexibility and bending the rules is sometimes necessary to achieve the end result you want to individualize your wedding. 
Using a firm that has more than one Coordinator allows you to interview and find the person that you feel will work best with your personality. You are using this person not only to get things done your way - you are counting on them for their expertise in all areas of protocol. Sometimes they are needed to bridge the generation gap that can occur when parents and the Bride are on opposite ends of the vision. Be sure they have another person that is totally familiar with your plans and could step in to back them up in the event of an emergency.

What is the difference in a Professional Wedding Consultant, Director, Coordinator, and a Full-Service Designer and Planner?

The key word here is Professional. In this case, someone who gets paid for services rendered does not make a Professional. A Professional is someone that has been trained in the business of weddings, along with an internship with a company with extensive experience in all types of weddings, and a history of coordinating them with consistent professionalism. Hands on experience with access to a variety of vendors, venues, and coordinators is imperative to the creation of a seamless event. 

A Consultant is a professional adviser - an expert who charges a fee for providing advice on services needed in a particular field. If you are limited on time or money, this might be something to look into.

A Director is the person that instructs where to stand, when to walk, and basically directs the action at the ceremony. Some churches provide this service to ensure the rules of the church, the Minister or Priest, or the processors are met. This person most commonly also conducts the rehearsal.

A Coordinator can work in conjunction with the venue coordinator. A Coordinator is all the above, along with the additional duties of confirming your vendors, organizing vendor activities, coordinating timelines for the wedding party, pinning on flowers, and acting as the personal assistant to the wedding party. This is the “go to” person that should be able to ensure the fluid movement of your ceremony. Some brides want that hands-on to continue to the reception to ensure their wedding day is truly a wedding of a lifetime. An experienced Coordinator can make the difference in a nice wedding and the wedding that you have dreamed of. 

A Full-Service Designer and Planner has the ability to do all the above in addition to taking your ideas and design the day or weekend that will give you and your guests memories that will last a lifetime. This Professional can orchestrate everything from transportation from the airport or train station, accommodations, bridal luncheon, golf or fishing outing, cigar or martini bar to a Nanny, and more, to ensure everyone from the smallest guest to your great, great grandma experiences the wedding of a lifetime. When you consider all the details involved in the preparation and execution for your special affair, it can be mind-boggling. Just the thought of having assistance with the planning is like a breath of fresh air.

The Venue I have chosen has a Wedding Coordinator. Why do I need to hire someone else?

Please understand that most venue wedding coordinators are employed by the venue and our employees. They get paid by salary, commission, up charging, or a combination of all, by the venue, and are included in your fee. There is a tremendous turn over in these types of employees and the person you are talking to about the way your day is going, may not be there to execute the plan on your day. They are paid by the venue to insure the wedding fits into the venue’s rules, space, and timeline. Most of the venue wedding coordinators do a wonderful job, with what they are paid to do. The problem arises when your expectations excess their job description. They sometimes use vendors that operate on a kickback to them. This might not be the best vendor for the services appropriate for your style and budget. Most experienced venue wedding coordinators will welcome your own wedding professional, as they will make their job easier. If they hesitate to have you bring that person, it may be because they have knowledge of that Coordinator’s work, or want the wedding to be their way, not yours. Just ask. Most reception venues have a person that is there to ensure the room, food, and bar are ready. Most will set up the basic elements; guest book, place cards, cake knife, and etc. Most of these people leave as soon as you are introduced into the room and you are on your own.

My DJ or Band said they are in charge of the reception - I don’t need anyone else.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! They are there to keep the party going, to make the introduction, and any announcements. There is no way they can concentrate on playing your music, entertaining your guests, and take care of all the situations that come up and need to be addressed during the reception. The people on the dance floor aren’t the only people that are staying to celebrate with you. Again, a quality Wedding Coordination will work with the DJ or band to make sure your reception is flawless for all.

Can’t I have a friend or relative direct my wedding or reception?

Yes. But bear in mind, weddings can be very hectic, and having a trained professional who is equipped to handle any crisis will certainly make your day less stressful. Also, a friend or a family member can have a tendency to be a little controlling, or want to do it their way, not yours. Give your Mother the luxury of having her day, too. You have been dreaming of this since you were little; she has envisioned this day since the day you were born. This should only be an option when finances are extremely tight. Remember, they are there as a guest and they might be better used in other areas.

I thought the priest’s or minister’s job was to direct the wedding?

This person can tell you where he wants you to stand, and even during the rehearsal, when to walk, but, they are the first person to enter the ceremony site and cannot conduct any actions after this time. They are not there to answer etiquette questions, or settle a step-parent issue. They aren’t going to be in the dressing room with you to buckle your shoes because no one else wants to break a nail - and much more. They are there to conduct the most beautiful marriage ceremony ever.

The bottom line is: It’s like a play with you as the star, and everyone else has a supporting role. The star can tell you what she wants the overall impression to be, but she has to concentrate on her part and should not be expected to be the producer and director. For less stress, hire the person you can count on to see everyone gives a performance of a lifetime.

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