Hello and Welcome,

Thank you for considering me as your officiant for your wedding.  I do believe your officiant is a very important part of your wedding day. That person should be in tune with your personalities and wishes. I will officiate at your location and with the ceremony of your style and choosing. My mission is to give you a warm, joyous and heartfelt ceremony.

I grew up in the wedding business as my Grandfather, who raised me, is a retired Christian Minister, who still does a beautiful ceremony. I have wittiness many weddings and realized that everyone is not alike. I don’t pretend to be anything I am not. I am a professional Wedding Notary, which means I have and am able to perform any ceremony under the laws of the State of Florida. These are considered to be a non-religious, religious, and same-sex ceremony’s but am able to add scripture, prayer, or any other writings of your choosing. A notary pronounces you Husband and Wife or Partners for Life by ‘the Laws of the State of Florida”. Things like this can be added to soften this closing, “By the love and commitment you have expressed here today and by the Laws of the State of Florida, I now pronounce Husband and Wife.(Or Partners for Life)” Most ministers pronounce, “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Both are legal in Florida. Some say I want a “simple and quick ceremony” others want to add reading, poems, special music, prayer or favorite scripture reading. Some couples want to personalize or write their ceremonies from start to end or just their vows. I am good with whatever, I will help you craft your custom ceremony if this is what you want. Some couple wants to add special elements such as sand, wine, unity candle, and many other traditions or start a new one which together we can certainly incorporate. I welcome these along with participation from a family member or dear friend.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your wishes and the possibility of being a part of your day.


Best Regards,

Coogan Lethco